Group Photographs

Here you will find some photographs of the firemen that have served at Ramsbottom over the years. I have tried to keep these in date order.

If you can put any names to faces or add any more information on these photographs then I would love to hear from you.

You can contact me

c1950 crew

Firemen outside the Old Council Yard Fire Station with what looks like a Leyland FK Pump Escape CTJ 966 behind (Names Unknown) – 1950 – Copyright Mark Beswick

Ffs 1962

There is not much information on this picture apart from the names so I am unable to give a location, L-R Len Kirk, Frank Gilmore, Derek Hough, Robert Shelton and Jim Chapman – 1962 – Copyright Mark Beswick


This photograph has Ramsbottom Retained with Miss Ramsbottom but the Ford D1617 says C38 and not C381 so could be the whole time appliance. L-R LFM Ian Warmsley, Peter Hurley, Tony Doherty, Derek Hough and Roy Ellis – 1983 – Copyright Les Walker


Ramsbottom Retained Firemen in the appliance bay, L-R Roy Ellis, Mark Goodyear,  Jimmy Cunliffe, Pete Hurley, Tony Doherty, Sub Officer Mick Curren,  LFM Paul Taylor (Kneeling), Barry Hurley, Terry Smith, LFM Adrian Hall, Derek Hough, Steve Sutcliffe – 1985 – Copyright Les Walker


Ramsbottom Firemen handing over a cheque. L-R Unknown, Unknown, Sub Officer Mick Curran, Unknown, Kirk Hutchinson, LFM Andy Kipps, Unknown, Station Officer Dave Mcgee – Date Unknown – Copyright Ramsbottom Heritage Society

Gallipoli Parade Bury 1985

Firemen taking part in the Gallipoli Parade in Bury, L-R Nearest Row Tony Burke, Stephen Heap, Tim Greenwood, Albert Vaughn, Damien Vickers, Kevin Hesslewood. L-R Far Row  Dave Charlesworth, Colin Gaskell, Tony Doherty. – 1985 – Copyright Mark Beswick


Taken in the rear yard behind one of the dodge appliances, Not much else about the event . L-R LFM John Webb, Kevin Almond, Les Walker, Gordon Woods, Carol Bowen (Rossendale Free Press), Sub Officer Alan Senior, Station Officer  John Beryl – 1986- Copyright Mark Beswick


This picture says Red/Green watch seen in the rear yard L-R Rear Sub Officer Mick Curren, Martin Crowell, Fraser Halliwell L-R Middle Nigel Milward, Station Officer John Beryl,. L-R Front Tony Doherty, Unknown Woman,  LFM Andy Kipps. – 1990 – Copyright Mark Beswick


This photograph says Red/Green watch drill. L-R Station Officer John Beryl, Sub Officer Mick Curren, Unknown Woman, Unknown – 1986- Copyright Mark Beswick


Ramsbottom Retained Firemen pose with the retained quiz team trophy. L-R Dave Hughes, Ian Roberts, Paul Metcalfe, LFM Andy Kipps and Paul Lomax – 1990s – Copyright Les Walker


Ramsbottom Firemen pose with the retained quiz team trophy. L-R Station Officer Andy Bentley, Ian Roberts, Paul Lomax, LFM Andy Kipps, Sub Officer Paul Metcalfe,Dave Hughes and Unknown – 1990s – Copyright Ramsbottom Heritage Society


Firemen interviewed and photographed after saving a dog that had fallen through ice in the River Irwell in Bury. L-R Tony Heffernan, LFM John Webb, Kirk Hutchinson, Sub Officer Mick Curran and Andy Kipps (Seating) – 1985 – Copyright Ramsbottom Fire Station

This photograph is taken during a school open day at Walshaw Primary School L-R LFM John Webb and Les Walker – Date Unknown – Copyright Mark Beswick


Ramsbottom Firemen pose with new fire appliances with Station Officer John Beryl at the front. L-R Rear Unknown, Tony Heffernan, Sub Officer Mick Curran, LFM John Webb, Tony Doherty and Les Walker – 1989 – Copyright Ramsbottom Heritage Society

Val Wilkins recieves 25yr certificate
This photograph is a presentation of Val Wilkins receiving a 25 year certificate working at Ramsbottom. L-R Rear Tony Doherty, Dave Robinson, Kris Bailey, Gary Higson, James Darlington, Matt Anderson, Paul Simpson. L-R Middle Sub Officer Roy Ellis, Alan Yates, Nigel Carlson, LFM Les Walker. L-R Front Station Officer Andy Bentley, Secretary Val Wilkins and Divisional Officer  Steve Swallow – August 1999 – Copyright Mark Beswick

Firemen Gary Higson and Tony Doherty seen infront of M318NVU L4P at Nuttall Park – 1997 – Copyright Mark Beswick

Gaz&Jim Hardy

Firemen Gary Higson and Jim Hardy seen in front of M318NVU L4P at Nuttall Park – 1997 – Copyright Mark Beswick

Gaz&Andy Bentley

Station Officer Andy Bentley and Gary Higson seen at Nuttall Park – 1997 – Copyright Mark Beswick


Station Officer Andy Bentley and Fireman Nigel Millward seen during a retirement presentation – 1997- Copyright Mark Beswick


A group photograph from a walk to Grassmere, Cumbria. L-R Andy Roberts, Terry Smith, Gary Higson, LFM Les Walker and Sub Officer Tony Burke – September 2006 – Copyright Pete Bradley

School Garden Rossendale Free Press March 12 2013

Ramsbottom blue watch give a helping hand to St Joseph’s Primary in Ramsbottom to create a garden for reception children. L-R Watch Manager Ady Tonge, Paul Simpson, Nigel Carlson and Paul Lomax – 12th March 2013 – Copyright Rossendale Free Press

p26 BT ramfireaward

Ramsbottom firemen being presented with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service’s (GMFRS) first two WOW! Awards, L-R Station Manager Kevin Brogden, Watch Manager Kris Bailey, Terry Smith, Rick Walne, Andy Roberts, Peter Bradley, Nigel Carlson, Borough Manager Pete Riley. and Derek Williams – Tuesday 6 May 2014 – Copyright Bury Times