Ramsbottom received a pair of First Generation Dodges NBU715/6W with bodywork by Carmichael.

The appliances were manufactured around 1980,  they had a 8.8litre engine and were last taxed by 01/11/95

These two appliances first served at B27 Leigh Fire Station from around 1980 until they were transferred to C38 Ramsbottom in 1985.


1989 Cycle race at Fire Station, Rams

The pair of first generation dodges NBU715/6W seen here during the fireman’s bike race – 1989 – Copyright Ramsbottom Heritage

G&H Autos Walshaw Rd May c1987

NBU716W seen here at G&H Autos fire on High Street, Walshaw – 1987- Copyright Mark Beswick

Sister appliance NBU716W truning out of the old station compares with those of the Bedfords above Alan Gartside

NBU716W seen when first allocated to the Windermere Road Fire Station in Leigh running as 27 – Date Unknown – Copyright the late Alan Garside