RSPCA Certificate

Firemen of Ramsbottom receiving an award from the RSPCA for an animal rescue. L-R Top Kirk Hutchinson, Roy Ellis, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown. L-R Middle Station Officer Dave McGee, Sub Officer Mick Curren, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Thomas Fitzgibons. L-R Bottom LFM Adrian Hall, Tony Heffernan Unknown. – 1980s – Copyright Mark Beswick

Raft Helen 1980 

Sorry about the quality of the picture but it felt it was worth including. Pictured is the raft that was created by the by the firemen to cross the channel to raise money for the Helen Aspinall Appeal. L-R Sub Officer Ian Lomas, Alan Jones, Ian Robinson and Paul Taylor – 1980- Copyright Mark Beswick

New Inn PH 1985

Fire at the New Inn Pub, Cheesden. Fire Appliance is OVU853R. The fireman on the ladder is believed to be Roy Ellis – 18th January 1985 – Copyright Bury Times

Bury flag day

Kevin Almond pictured with the Shand Mason Steam fire engine from Manchester Fire Brigade as part of a Bury Fire Station Open day to raise funds for the fire benevolent fund – Date Unknown – Copyright Mark Beswick

Jack Counter clipping
Fireman Jack Counter receiving his long service medal – Date Unknown – Copyright Les Walker

Holcombe Brook school 1983

Holcombe Brook Primary School Fire – Wednesday 25th May 1983 – Copyright Les Walker

Alan Jones 1983

An obituary to Fireman Alan Jones – Saturday 5th March 1983 – Copyright Les Walker
Bob Chapman 26 July 1972

An obituary to Fireman Robert Chapman – 27th July 1972 – Copyright Les Walker

Bob Chapman clipping 2

An obituary to Fireman Robert Chapman – 27th July 1972 – Copyright Les Walker
John Butterworth clipping

A report of the death of Sub Officer John Butterworth who fell to his death at Stubbins Mill – 4th May 1971 – Copyright Les Walker

Paul Metcalfe - clippng

A report from the Bury Times about the funeral details of Sub Officer Paul Metcalfe who tragically drowned attempting a water rescue – 1999 – Copyright Les Walker

Paul Metcalfe - clipping 1999

An article from the Rossendale Free Press about the funeral of Sub Officer Paul Metcalfe – Friday 17th September – Copyright Les Walker

Paul Metcalfe - clipping 2

A poem about the Retained Firemen by K.R. Griffiths dedicated by all the personnel at Ramsbottom Fire Station – 1999 – Copyright Les Walker

paper cutting

Ramsbottom Firemen Jim Chapman and Thomas Fitzgibons pictured here receiving their medals for 21 years service to the fire brigade – 30 July 1980 – Copyright Ian Chapman

paper cutting 2

The unveiling of the Ramsbottom Fire Station Roll of Honour plague seen with Rev Jeff Arcus, Station Commander Alan Peek and Mayor & Mayoress of Bury Wilf and Maureen Davison – Friday 26th March 2004 – Copyright Ian Chapman