Here you will find some photographs of the fires and emergency call outs that the firemen that have served at Ramsbottom over the years. I have tried to keep these in date order.

If you can put any names to faces or add any more information on these photographs then I would love to hear from you.

You can contact me eagle1711@hotmail.com

Cuba Mill 1960.jpg2Cuba Mill 1960Cuba Mill 1960.jpg1

Cuba Mill seen here after a devastating fire, this was to become the site of Cuba Industrial Estate – 1960 – Copyright Ramsbottom Heritage Society

Hilda AvHilda Av 18 August 1968Hlda Av Tottington 18 August 1968

3x Photographs from a house fire on Hilda Avenue in Tottington. The appliances are believed to be Karrier 35CTB as Water Tender and Beford KEL KTE917F – 18th August 1968 – Copyright Mark Beswick

Paper Mill 1970s

Trinity Paper Mill in Ramsbottom seen here after a large fire. The appliance in the back ground is believed to be Bedford KEL KTE917F or KTE918F from Ramsbottom. – 1970 – Copyright Ramsbottom Heritage Society

Fire on Kenyon street ramsbottomRamsbottom Industry Norbeck Basketware Ltd Event Fire Kenyon Street 1982 Bury Image Bank 2

Photographs of the fire that broke out at Norbeck Basketware Ltd on Kenyon Street – 1982 – Copyright Bury Image Bank

G&H Autos Walshaw Rd May c1987
Ramsbottom Appliance NBU716W seen with a Bury Appliance during a fire at G&H Autos, High Street in Walshaw – 1987 – Copyright Les Walker

HPC-88GE-025 Fire Mill on Railway Street Fred Entwhistle 1988HPC-88GE-025 Fire Mill on Railway Street Fred Entwhistle 2 1988

2x Photographs of a warehouse fire on Railway Street in Ramsbottom. The appliance seems to be a Bury Appliance – 1988 – Copyright Fred Entwhistle


This picture shows firemen from Ramsbottoms Red/Green watch attempting a rescue of a dog from a culvert in Tottington. L-R LFM Ray Bailey, Unknown, Martin Crowell, Unknown and Tony Heffernan – January 1988 – Copyright Mark Beswick

RTA Bolton Rd Hawkshaw 1996

Road Traffic Accident on Bolton Road in Hawkshaw. Note the 2x G Reg Renault Dodges at the rear of the van. – 1996 – Copyright Les Walker

Bridge St c1997

Road Traffice Accident involving an articulated lorry that has fell over onto the wall of Ramsbottom Paper Mill – 1997 – Copyright Les Walker


The above 2x photographs seen at Ramsbottom Paper Mill after a fire. The grapler is moving burning card so the firemen can hose it down – 2000 – Copyright Les Walker

Edenfield Mill 2000.jpg1Edenfield Mill 2000

2x Photographs of the Edenfield Mill fire seen here from the A56 Bypass – 2000 – Copyright Ramsbottom Heritage Society

fire3 fire4 fire5

The above 3x photographs of a rescue of a paraglider on the moors – 2002 – Copyright Les Walker

p12 BT rammycar

A car fire on Bolton Road West at the junction with Longsight Road in Holcombe Brook, PO11AVF is seen in attendance – 31st April 2014 – Copyright Bury Times